In-house Training

Need In-house Courses? (Request for Quotation)

Training and development are most useful investments a business does. The quality and the approach of training determines the return of this investment. Accord Worldwide assist organizations in ensuring this investment produces the best return. Our in-house training can help organizations across the globe with standard training programs in various languages. You are welcome to inquire with your needs and we shall proudly serve you with quality and professionalism. 

Our in-house training is always preceded by a free of cost small scale "Training Needs Assessment- TNA". This TNA helps identify real learning gaps among target participants, skills needed for their daily job performance and expectations of the organization from them. Trainers will tailor content as per this TNA. Training material that are used by Accord Worldwide are session wise generic material that can be easily customized. Class activity material are selected to be relevant to target industry and prior exposure of participants to subject matter. 

Subsequent to training delivery participants will develop a personal action plan that will help them implement the knowledge they gain from the training. Participants and their supervisors will jointly attend an impact assessment sometime after the training which will reflect the effectiveness of the training.