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“Accord Worldwide” and its sister company Accord Management Consultants,in Dubai, UAE work as a group of companies for same vision and mission. Accord Management Consultants is mainly performing marketing, sales and support to development of training and BDS portfolio of the group. It also hires the human resource required by projects of the group and second them to the relevant project.

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Accord Worldwide and Accord Management Consultants are registered trade names in their respective authorized government entities and all their operation is as per their home country laws. All other trademarks, names, and logos found on the site or mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

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Privacy Statement:
No personal information of job applicants, training applicants, employees, contributors or consultants will be shared by the firm to a third party without the prior authorization of its owner.

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This privacy statement can be updated or modified and viewers are encouraged to read it from time to time as the recent and update version on the site shall govern in any case.

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